Memorabilia and Quintessential Gifts from Away Places!

I enjoy travel – everything about it. I always have a next destination in mind. I plan for month before my trip and I relish the memories of my last trip and all my previous adventures. Around my house, I have, prominently displayed, my favorite finds along the way. Sometimes, it’s just a seashell I found – or a hat I purchased from a street vendor. If I could, I would bring home with me even more – but I cannot fit them in my suitcase. I enjoy giving gifts to my family that tells a story because I want to share my passion of exploration.

I would love to make travel my profession and setting up AwayShops was my attempt to do just that! Every town has their unique shops that help define the special places we remember. Sometimes it a restaurant with that open air breeze from the ocean… sometimes its the flea-market… and sometimes, it a old man making straw hats on a bench in the park. These are special tokens for me and I love to collect them and share what I found.

This small online market was initially intended to suggest a sampling of the items I found along the way. And that would be fine except I wanted to talk to the shop owners and they wanted to talk to me! You see, most of the places I visit have short seasons – a few months out of the year. They wanted the opportunity to sell their wares in the off-season. And an online marketplace that is geared to people who are planning their next trip, or remembering their last trip, fit the bill. So here is AwayShops… find a treasure… and give a treasured memory to your travel partner.

Know of a shop you want me to include? If you do, your suggestion is critical to getting it on the site. When enough people talk about, for example, those coffee socks that you find in Costa Rica, it has a way of persuading the shop to spend the time and effort to setup the item in the catalog.

If your a shop owner in a travel destination, and you have a following, share your story. Talk to us and we’ll get you setup in this site. You’ll have your own easy to use administration area and we’ll even build you your own shop page that you can use on your website – in fact, it can be a complete website if you want.

If you live in an area that is visited by tourists, lucky you! Contact us and maybe we can work together to bring your town’s best quintessential gift items and memorabilia into an AwayShops online marketplace devoted to your town.

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