As business technologists, we are worried about local stores selling effectively online. Retail Technology is accelerating and business owners need help.

James Whalen and Barry Price created AwayShops to help store owners reach new customers with the best technologies. When we asked store owners in our neighborhoods, they emphasized the importance of local sales. How can technology support and extend local sales into new markets?

We are Business Technology experts that have delivered e-commerce and websites for years.

AwayShops is a mobile landing page, subscription service for local stores and neighborhoods. We deliver the best of mobile, e-commerce and proximity technologies to promote local businesses.

We are building AwayShops specifically to:

  • help local stores, in retail neighborhoods
  • to effectively connect with shoppers online
  • to generate more revenue, without overcomplicating the process

For example, malls and neighborhood associations use AwayShops to promote their location and stores with online mobile information. The neighborhood stores get:

  • up to date directory listings
  • a new vision for social marketing
  • easy shopper connection and scheduling - to meet social distancing needs
  • trusted online shopping
  • all with a fun and free mobile experience for shoppers

AwayShops has a vision to help neighborhoods and local stores build stronger e-commerce communities. Store owners get peace of mind with increased traffic and sales. Retail Technology is accelerating.

Awayshops is here to help your business chart a new course.

Talk to us about AwayShops helping your business.

Chart A New Course

Retail Technology is accelerating. Awayshops is here to help.